ActiveApplications Order Entry

Capturing a customer orders while reserving the right inventory is the purpose of the ActiveApplications Order Entry Application. OE is the control you need for your nursery, greenhouse or any business that grows items. Take a look at the ActiveApplications Order Entry Menu to see the functions available in this application:

How does it work? It uses dates on the inventory to select the right inventory location for an order. If you enable the functions or use quick order entry with catalogs you will automatically select the right crops to go with the order ship date. Intelligent inventory selection is built into ActiveApplications.

Selecting the right inventory for your order is only the beginning of what order entry can do for your nursery or greenhouse company. Printing pull sheets or pick lists is part of the application, too.

Along with pick lists goes the ability to print plant tags for your orders. Not only are different tags available for different items, a different tag printer can be selected automatically based on the location of the item. This means that your tags can be available where they are needed. Your personnel will not have to “go to the office” to pick up tags before pulling an order. The tags will be printed where they are needed automatically.

Orders can be printed directly from the order menu but probably the best solution for your company is to print orders, pick lists and shipping documents through the Shipping application integrated with order entry. This is one example of a printed order.

Multiple formats to the order acknowledgement are available with the click of an option.

The Order Entry Applications will provide your company the control you need where you need it.