ActiveApplications Estimating

An estimate is the quotation for your customer. It can be a simple order for a Nursery company that does not affect inventory or it can be a complex quote for a Landscape company that combine items of different types together to make a clean complete proposal for your Landscape Construction company.

A very simple proposal example

Job Estimating is the foundation of the integrated Estimate and Job Work Order system. Estimates are passed smoothly to Job Costing for complete and Accurate expense tracking.

Estimates combine customer, inventory and job site information to create consistent quotations even if used by different estimators. Every person creating an estimate will get similar results. Gone are the days of doing work for little or no profit because your personnel were using different or the wrong tools. You will have an accurate profit margin for every quote sent out. If you define your items and components properly that uneasy feeling about a creating a bid will be gone.

Knowing where you stand on an estimate is just the beginning of the tools available in ActiveApplications Estimating. Maybe you need a pull sheet for the plant material you will be planting on all of next weeks jobs. Estimating can produce it for you. Or it can send it to job costing where the more complex job cost work order can do the same thing but with more options.

One of many forms of the work order

Estimating provides the full function tool you need to control your landscape contracting or landscape maintenance company. Whether it is staking kits to go with a tree planting or an accurate calculation of the amount of sand needed to go under a landscape paver job, AA estimating is the right tool.

AA Estimating is not just a canned estimating system. If you have a difficult job or job phase to estimate you can switch the difficulty and automatically inflate the quantity of labor and equipment needed. A few clicks make that special section easy and the difficulty is accounted for.

If you want to vary the output format for different phases of the proposal it is as easy as a few clicks. Some phases or lines can have detail price and cost while others show almost no details.

Complex calculations of components to a parent item are included in Active Estimating. Your estimate will say 1500 SQ FT of Pavers but buried in the components is the sand, labor, diamond dust, back hoe, or any other components calculated to great precision. Flexibility, speed and accuracy are built into Active Estimating for your landscape company success.

Your landscape construction or landscape maintenance business can benefit from this menu of programs:

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