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New from ActiveApplications Net Programming

ActiveApplications Net now has an AUTOMATIC Print to PDF Service available. This capability allows a PDF print job to be sent to a folder on an AA Hosted server (U-drive) where a server-side Windows Service moves it to a folder on your local computer. Once on the local system, another AA Windows Service can pick it up and send it to the default printer to be printed. The local service does not have to be installed so printing does not have to be automatic. This local folder can be reviewed and the PDFs viewed or printed as your needs dictate.

This greatly expands the number of devices AA can be run on. Any type of remote desktop program can be connected to the AA Hosting Servers and printing becomes a non factor. Almost all tablets and local computers have the built in OS (operating system) ability to print PDF files. Phones now become valid connection devices to AA Hosted Services. Linux devices now make good alternative connection devices.

What does this mean to your operations? There is nothing in this chain of services that refers to the Windows Print Services. The print driver issue is removed from consideration. Zero time needs to be spent fixing print driver issues by your personnel or UDS personnel. Immediately both of our companies are hours more productive.

The trick is to get ActiveApplications programs to print ONLY to PDF. Removing all the print handling issues from the AA program will simplify how it works and make the program less apt to fail. It will make the setup of the program less complicated. There will no longer be multiple ways a report can be created.

PDF files are relatively small and the transfer to the local workstation should be quick. Gone are the large print spooling file transfers that make Windows so unmanageable. We will be able to send and receive PDF files without issue.

We are not yet sure if all programs can be converted to a sans-printer environment but we will know as our development progresses. There may be some down side issues. We do not see any but may find some as we get into the projects. Do you see any?

Please provide your comments on this development direction or call Brian to discuss. 616 299 9916

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