Disconnected Applications

ActiveApplications – SQL has been able to automatically receive input from separate applications for many years. A disconnected application is an application that captures business data while not on your company network and runs independently of AA system database.

A good example of that is ActiveApplications POS. Point of Sale is a critical application to retail green industry companies especially in the spring. It is designed to use the very reliable Windows PC as the local device. A networked PC is significantly less reliable because it depends on a complicated and difficult to troubleshoot switch or router and server to operate.

In the spring or other peak times AA POS cannot afford to be down for a day or half day while your network is fixed so an invoice can be created. Writing sales by hand is not rally an option. AA POS is designed to operate without a network or other connection to the company server. AA POS – Net is even more independent of the local network because it operates off the internet.

There are many other examples. Physical inventory and Inventory grading are two additional examples. EDI is another. These applications operate without a direct connection to the AASQL server.

Physical Inventory Export/Import Routine

Whether it is an application that is written by us or written by another company you can still export and import the information into ActiveApplications. ActiveApplications is designed to be the repository of the information that runs your business.

One of the most exciting recent developments is ActiveApplications POS – Net. This application is our second “Windowless” application. That means you do not need to install it in your network. It operates through your Internet browser. Use Chrome or Edge or any other modern browser to connect to the application. It can run on your phone, tablet or desktop device.

This provides the ultimate in flexibility. Here is a screen shot of the main menu:

Take the time to look at this application. It is the beginning of new and robust offerings from AA – Net. Point of sale is the second windowless application. We already have the Customer Requests and Work Order management application under the AA – Net title. Take a look at it

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