Ledger Year End Close for ActiveApplications Hosted

If you reviewed the Year end Procedures for ActiveApplications – SQL the on site version of AA you will notice the number of steps involved. It is complicated and there is no room for error. AA Hosted version is very simple. Contact UDS at support@udsgis.com or call Brian at (616) 299-9916 and let him know when you think your database will be ready to close.

An appointment will be made but support will wait until you notify them by email or phone that you are actually ready.

Please allow for at least a half day for the process to be completed before resuming normal operations.

You will receive an email with a copy of your year end report and notification it is ready to use.

Unless instructions are given otherwise the Payables and Receivables will be closed also. Payroll will not because it is part of normal PR processing.

This is another significant advantage of ActiveApplications Hosted software version.

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