ActiveApplications Net Integrated Credit Card Service is now Available

ActiveApplications Net announces integrated credit card processing for ActiveApplications SQL and Hosted systems. Global Payment Certification was the final step in the development of this new Windowless application. This is the first of many applications to be released around AA.

AA-Net Credit Card Payment application is a growing number of windowless and disconnected applications available for UDS Green Industry Software’s ActiveApplications users. Log into with our users name and password to display the landing page.

The landing page is designed to be a quick snapshot of your salesman or business status. More on the landing page will be published in the near future on This discussion is about how to pay an invoice so select the pay invoice option.

Once the Pay Invoice type of payment is selected a customer is needed.

Type in any part of a customers information to help select a customer to pay

Select a customer to display the open invoices

Select the invoices to pay by clicking and a convenient total of the invoice amounts is provided. Clicking the Pay Selected Invoices button begins the credit card capture process.

Select from a card stored on file or Add a new Card.

Selecting Validate Card Info will verify the card with Global Payments and provide a token to be used for this payment and future payments if the Save Card button is checked. The card number is not saved on your server, the UDS server or anywhere other than the Global Payments server. It becomes their responsibility. You and UDS remain “out of scope” with the credit card. Once verified the payment information is displayed for final verification.

Clock Apply Payment to record the payment to the card.

From the summary window the transaction can be printed or emailed to your customer.

Over and done! After printing or emailing the receipt the landing page is displayed for the next transaction. This routine is done without Windows and without a direct connection to the server. That means it can be done anywhere an internet connection is available.

These screens captures are of the desktop layout but equally easy to use screens are displayed for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+

This opens the door to have applications that are difficult or impossible to run through a stationary desktop computer. Taking payments in the field is now easily done! When a service is provided by one of your crews you can get paid while still at the job site. Delivering a load of topsoil or stone can be paid for at the delivery address.

Galaxy Note or any other phone

Phone based and totally portable POS applications are in the AA-Net near future. When the sale is complete your customers provide a credit card to pay for the sale. All is done without a line and without a cash drawer and without a printer. Will it be ready for spring 2021? Keep watching the web site for information.

Which of your business processes need in the field payment functionality? Add your comments to this blog or call your UDS representative with your suggestions it can be available soon!

The Payment Entry Application will offer several interesting choices of credit card readers. Check with Brian or Kenny to discover your options.

More credit card reader options will be discussed on this website blog in the future.

ingenico ICM122 Wireless credit card reader

To start your inquiry request a brochure from

AA POS users have used wired and wireless credit card readers for years but the full system AA Hosted and AA SQL systems have not had an integrated payment method. They now do. Contact to see how it can be done for you.

The boring technical stuff

To those that want to know… AA-Net credit card process trades a credit card number for a token from Global Payments. The token is used to finalize the sale. UDS keeps track of the token. Global Payments captures and optionally stores the credit card number for your customer but you are not subject to PCI standards because the process is “out of scope”. The entire transaction is encrypted from end to end and the card is stored on the Global Payments Servers. It places the burden on GPI to maintain the necessary level of security. Those numbers are not on your devices and they are not on any UDS Device or program. Although it appears like the credit card capture is part of the AA application it is not. The card number resides only on the GPI servers.

About the future…

This is the first of many windowless applications in the works. Advanced functionality will soon include customer facing payment entry routines. That means your customer will be able to go on line to pay invoices without involvement of your company personnel. This will allow your customers to enter and maintain their credit card information. Your company will not be aware of any of the credit card numbers or other credit card information. UDS will not be aware of credit card numbers or other information. This removes your company from the scope of the PCI credit card process.

Soon to be added is the autopay feature for recurring invoices. Auto pay will make the payments automatically to credit card on the payment due dates of invoices. This will insure the on-time payment of your invoices and minimize the need to provide personnel to accomplish the task. Your company personnel will verify the deposits so they can be balanced to your bank statement.

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