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Now available! ActiveApplications Net Quick Order Entry

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Quick order entry Net is now available in a browser based Windowless Application. This on-line version is available for use now. Quick order entry takes advantage of catalogs to present part of your company inventory on the web. When combined with the power of credit card payments the entire business process of ordering and fulfilment is reduced to someone counting and dating inventory and printing pick lists to ship orders.

According to brian@udsgis.com: “This will change the way many of our customers work. This will change everything for the better!”. “This offers my customers a method dynamically presenting items to their customers while doing what must be done anyway.” “That is a huge efficiency gain. My customers and their customers will benefit.”

Click the items you want to order

“What a way to introduce ActiveApplications Net software to our users”

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This change works for all aspects of the green industry. A garden center can put a catalog on line in minutes, their customers can enter an order, pay for the order and have the order prepared for pickup with nothing but email contact.

A wholesale nursery or greenhouse can send someone to count inventory then from that count, update the Quick Order Entry website. The customer can order against that catalog with currently available quantities displayed. The order can be paid with a credit card on the website with the integrated credit card payments and no one from your company needs to look at it until the order is pulled. An email message alerts the customer that the order is ready for delivery or pickup.

Landscape companies have their own new application coming soon. Look for an announcement.

Contact Kenny@udsgis.com or phone (619) 820-3768 directly to learn more and schedule your demo.

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