ActiveApplications TAGMaker

One of the foundations of ActiveApplications is the integration of TAGMaker into all the AA programs. It can be the ability to add a form to an order.

Tag Design lets you format your own forms for invoices, checks and other printed or emailed documents. With a laser printer or color printers blank paper can be turned into finished documents this save the cost of custom forms and give your company the power to create your own image.

There are several design programs for TAGMaker. The .TAG files are used for attachment over the AA data for a better look and add polish to your documents. They are also used to create plant labels for customer orders through TAGMaker Deluxe.

TAGMaker Deluxe is also used to make tags of any size for plants or signs from any field in your ActiveApplications Database.

TAGMaker is integrated into other applications such as shipping and inventory. TAGMaker Queues can be created in the other applications for stations to print when the correct tags are loaded into a thermal transfer printer for printing of permanent weather and sun resistant tags and labels.

Tag queues are powerful tools because a queue can be sent anywhere electronically. That location could be separate by any distance from where they are created. Pull tags could be sent to a distant printer so the crews at that location would know what to pull and send for tomorrows order shipments.

Queues can be of any length and saved for printing the next batch of plants to be grown.

Using the Customer Application in conjunction with shipping you can produce your customers tags with your customers price and plant descriptions automatically replacing your information with theirs. Your material arrives at their location with their price on the tag so they can move it directly to the sales location. Their SKU information can be placed on the tag for their POS system.

Your customers will love to receive your materials because it saves them time and effort in their sales process. It makes it easy to order from you the next time.

Your ActiveApplications whole sale nursery software makes you the hero.