ActiveApplications – Net

AA – Net is your web based browser version of ActiveApplications. It is backed by the full function and depth of AA – SQL but it is the first version of AA that does not require Windows to operate. Choose your browser and start using this software. This is the green industry accounting and business application software for Nursery, Greenhouse, Garden Center, Landscape, Landscape Maintenance and related companies that can be used on any device or any operating system.

AA Net works in conjunction with the ActiveApplications Hosted version of ActiveApplications. It provides the secure browser based applications that provide your green industry company the ability to get work done with a minimum of training and hardware expense. This provides information technology department the ability to be on line quickly.

AA – Net will run all aspects of your green industry company with the aps you need to thrive in the new digital world. If you have a landscape contracting business with a garden center this is the software you need to control these vastly different business types. It is the same software written to be compatible with your different divisions.

If you have a landscape maintenance company that needs a work control application and also have a wholesale nursery or greenhouse AA – SQL provides the tools you need to do the whole job.

A Nursery can use the same software to control a wholesale and retail business with the same software. Mechanism are in place to use ActiveApplications – Net as a feeding application to ActiveApplications = SQL or ActiveApplications – Hosted software.

Take a sneak peak at the new ActiveApplications – Net and the new format and new applications:

All these applications are under the ActiveApplications banner. Your company may need one or more of these applications to build your Information Processing department while providing the freedom to work from anywhere with any equipment. It could by your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or full workstation that uses the aps to get your job done NOW.

Take a look at the AA Point of Sale Net Application. This App let you run your garden center with browser tools. Sell and receive payment for POS transactions wirelessly. Keep your inventory updated automatically. Keep you customer balances accurate and complete even though transactions are recorded from anywhere.