ActiveApplications Job Costing

Job costing ties the sales processes through estimating to Accounts Receivables, Inventory and General Ledger. It works in conjunction with Job Scheduling and ActiveApplications Net to capture data in quick and easy to use programs that make the process quick and flexible.

There are a lot of options to make the process quick and complete. How did your crews perform on the last job? How is each crew performing on all jobs relative to the expected performance? What materials were actually issued to the job compared to the estimate? Which sales persons are creating proposal closest to the desired profitability? These are all questions that can be answered by creating jobs and work orders while issuing materials to jobs.

Several routines are available based on the work flow your company has. Some methods work simply like this one:

That creates a work order while getting the information from estimates and preparing the data for Accounts Receivable, Inventory and General Ledger. A critical part of this routine and job costing is the work order like this one created from the above information:

This work order is meant to be a turn around document issued to a crew so they can load trucks and report actual material usage to the office. It also has the ability to export data for other devices (phones or tablets) that are not networked while in use… But that is a topic for another post.

Transactions can be issued to jobs through programs that make the process as quick and simple as possible. Job transactions can be retrieved quickly from estimates then changed to match what really happened or entries can be quickly made from the returned work orders.

The transactions will relieve inventory and update jobs so you will know the available inventory and the status of each job. It is quick and easy.

Once the job is complete an invoice can quickly and easily be created for your customer.

Not only is the invoice created but all the ledger transactions have been generated. There is now an open invoice in AR ready for payment. Performance statistics have been generated for profit analysis and performance reports. Ask about how this can be done for your company.

Jobs can be updated long after completion so additional work can be done or warranty work can be added to the job costs. One of the new functions being developed is the ActiveApplications Net version. It integrates customer facing requests web sites into job costing and estimating so you have a complete picture of the entire process from inception (estimate) all the way through the billing process and expense tracking (Job Costing). Talk to your ActiveApplications representative to learn how your company can benfit.