ActiveApplications Inventory

The heart of ActiveApplications is the Inventory Application. AA Inventory is a complex multiple use set of tables that allow your Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape or Maintenance business to create proposals, orders, invoices and other company documents that help your control your business. The Inventory Menu illustrates the complex nature of this application:

The complexity of inventory is mostly contained in two tables. The inventory description table and the inventory location table:

They are tied together with an item number. The basic inventory information is in the Item window. This is the portion of inventory that has pricing, description, discount and other pieces of data.

An item can have multiple locations. If your company has multiple crops or groups of inventory then locations are used to track the use and availability of the item in each location.

If your company does not have multiple locations then just the inventory table is used to track your items. If you have multiple locations they all the ActiveApplications programs will support and keep track of the use of inventory by location. Orders can be setup to be taken from inventory locations. Support is provided in the applications to allow selection of multiple locations for an inventory item.

The plan available date within the location helps control what locations are selected for what orders. An order ship date will help determine which locations are selected during the ordering process. Catalogs can be created from the plan available date to insure the simple creation of an order even though the process can be very complex.

Using the information in the inventory location can make multiple catalogs available for different time periods. This capability makes interfacing to a web site or other order sources easier to manage.