ActiveApplications – Hosted

AA – SQL is your on line available 24×7 green industry accounting and business application software for Nursery, Greenhouse, Garden Center, Landscape, Landscape Maintenance and related companies.

Based on the Microsoft SQL database and UDS highly customizable drag and drop accounting software, ActiveApplications – Hosted provides the backbone of your company information technology software.

AA – Hosted is the integrated software that will run all aspects of your green industry company. If you have a landscape contracting business with a garden center this is the software you need to control these vastly different business types. It is the same software written to be compatible with your different divisions.

If you have a landscape maintenance company that needs a work control application and also have a wholesale nursery or greenhouse AA – SQL provides the tools you need to do the whole job.

A Nursery can use the same software to control a wholesale and retail business with the same software. Mechanism are even in place to accept on line orders from multiple applications. The ActiveApplications = SQL suite has the flexibility built in to be used as a data source for any type of green industry business or any combination of business types.

You get all the advantages of AA – SQL but none of the responsibility of maintaining a complex database and network at an affordable monthly price.

Take a look at these applications:

All these applications are under the ActiveApplications banner. Your company may need one or more of these applications to build your Information Processing department.

Take a look at these applications and see what they can do for you.

Estimating – Creates quotations (estimates) for customers. See the detailed description.

Order Entry – Creates orders and manages the order process.

Shipping – Manages the order fulfilment process.

Inventory – Contains applications that mange the inventory process from physical inventory to catalog create. These tools make AA work.

Accounts Receivable – Controlling outstanding invoices and more is the AR Application

Job Costing – A job is a device used to capture the expenses your company accrues while completing the Estimate. It captures data from estimating, creates work orders and allows actual issues to the job while at the same time sending information to general ledger, accounts receivable and inventory.

Accounts Payable – ActiveApplications AP Tracks expenses and prints checks but does lots more.

General Ledger – ActiveApplications GL accepts information from the sub ledger to create a full financial picture of your operation.

Payroll – ActiveApplications Payroll programs track and report employee withholding, print checks and minimize the amount of work your personnel put into tracking money paid to employees.

Billing – ActiveApplications Billing suite of programs makes the process of invoicing customers quick and painless.

Customer – ActiveApplications Customer Reports is being actively replaced by ActiveApplications Net but it still has some functions uniquely productive for your company.

Purchase Order Tracking – ActiveApplications PO Tracking controls the ordering and receiving process.

TAGMaker – ActiveApplications TAGMaker is integrated with all applications. Plant tags, business forms, and ID badges are just a few of the items that are integrated into the application.

Sales Analysis – ActiveApplications Sales Analysis is a big payoff for all your efforts of bookkeeping. Take a look.

Planning – ActiveApplications Inventory Production Planning is the management processes needed to control your current and future inventory levels.