ActiveApplications General Ledger

Included with every ActiveApplications program is an integrated and available double entry accounting system. Financial statements are a click away. ActiveApplications General Ledger makes full accounting for your Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape Contractor, Garden Center and/or Maintenance company a snap.

Ledger begins with the ability to create double entry accounting transactions:

Double entry means every transaction must be balanced:

Once balanced it can be posted:

The transactions are edited before they are posted so that each of the sub ledgers are balanced. Transactions must balance or they do not post so every transaction is captured and created in the posting

ActiveApplications General Ledger is fully integrated with other financial programs such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, Billing, Job Costing, Inventory and others. Financial results are a touch away. As invoices are created in the Billing Application the associated ledger entries are created automatically. As checks are printed (AP or Payroll) transactions are created. This simple posting routine of the sub ledgers can optionally provide printed reports for audit purposes.

Once transactions are posted financial reports such as income statements are available.

The reports can be multiple department and/or Sub Class. They can be separate or combined. They can be current year only:

Or comparative to budget or last year:

The same is true of the balance sheet:

This can also be single year or comparative like this one:

Your numbers will be complete and accurate with no effort. Your Wholesale Nursery, Retail Garden Center, Landscape Contractor and/or Landscape Maintenance company or divisions will have the information needed to know where you stand and provide the information needed for taxes. Your divisions will know where they stand and you will know where everyone stands at all times during the year.