ActiveApplications Customer

ActiveApplications Customer functions are in the process of moving to ActiveApplications Net. This menu

is in the process of moving to where your customers will be able to add and maintain their own information:

Your personnel working in conjunction with your customers will be able to create and maintain their customer and Requests information while recoding credit card payments to their account. Look for more information on ActiveApplications Net as the website and applications are built.

There are a few Customer functions under the AA Customer menu that should be mentioned. The first is the Customer Email Program

This allows your personnel to send emails with PDF attachments to groups of customers. The groups can be defined and saved for the next use. This program works in conjunction with the Email PDFs application. See that application for more information.

The next function to note is the Customer Item Table

This table allows the setting of customer specific pricing, cost and labeling by customer. This provides the power to set company wide pricing and have the system support and maintain the pricing during the order entry and invoicing processes. Contact your ActiveApplications sales professional for more information on this process.

Although customer functions are moving to the AA Net version the old applications will be available for a while. Moving to the on line version will make your company even more productive. This is part of the customer facing strategy for your customers.