ActiveApplications Billing

ActiveApplications Billing programs help you produce invoices quickly, accurately and easily from other applications. Billing is the accounting process of making an invoice. ActiveApplications has several available sources for the information necessary to make an invoice. Billing uses some of those:

One of those sources is an order or multiple orders. Invoice orders will create an invoice for any order that meets a selection criteria.

It could be by date, shipping Load Number as when a driver returns from his route, or other things. One of the good parts of this routine is that it requires very little effort. Simple display the order and invoice them.

Another very productive way to invoice is by invoicing part of a large or master order for one customer as the orders are delivered. This is called master order invoicing

This displays the lines on the master order and sends them to the invoice. When complete that portion of the big order is invoiced. This keeps track of the quantity still available on the master order for this customer. It helps keep available quantities in inventory accurate and requires little effort.

If your company has recurring invoices such as a Landscape Maintenance company automatic invoices can be predefined and invoiced automatically each month.

This list could be pages long. After verifying the above report the invoices can be sent or emailed to the customer by clicking the option.

This invoicing method is very powerful because it can be paperless. This saves many dollars of postage and much time and much paper.

Your ActiveApplications Wholesale Nursery Software makes the sending of invoices very efficient. Your ActiveApplications Landscape Maintenance Software reduces and boring and repetitive invoicing to a few clicks and does it through emails. Billing a small but powerful productivity enhancing application.