ActiveApplications Accounts Receivable

ActiveApplications has full accounting capability including the Accounts Receivables program suite. These applications support your company in the process of knowing who owes your how much for how long. This menu gives you some idea:

Keeping track of open invoices lets you control this most important aspect of your Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape Contracting, and Landscape Maintenance company but it also provides information for other critical functions such as balancing your checking account every month. It also provides the power to email statements to customers rather than mail them. This will save your company money every month.

The process starts with payment entry:

Provide or look up a customer number to display open invoices and credits:

Input the payment information and select the invoices to pay by clicking the invoice. It is simple and quick. When complete the payments can be assembled into a deposit through deposit processing.

Select the items that make up the deposit. Deposits are what goes to the bank. Whether in the old style like this or in the new AR Net application that is done entirely on line. Deposits are displayed in the Accounts Payable application called check reconciliation that matches your bank statement to your ledger and other accounting applications. You will always be in control and know where you stand.

Accounts Receivable performs other function, too, that are more common but necessary. One of them is a Open AR report.

Another is the old fashioned statement that can be printed or emailed automatically to your customers.

You are in control. All the AR functions you need to track open invoice and manage this important aspect of your business are here in a secure and complete application. This application is designed to be secure and reduce the ability of unauthorized payment entry. It is also designed to make all entries very clear from the time an invoice is created until it is paid.