ActiveApplications – Accounts Payable

The ActiveApplications Accounts Payables application prints checks but does much more. It has budgeting options, check histories, vendor reporting, purchase order interface and much more.

Invoices can be created easily

With proper setup invoices can be added to Budgets:

Or Purchase Orders can be properly compared to the vendor invoice to assure accuracy of the amount billed:

Checks can be easily selected for payment:

And Checks printed:

Checks can be reprinted as needed. Checks can be formatted to your check forms to make the implementation quick and less expensive. Vendor histories are available automatically. PO’s and budgets can be controlled, too, but security and auditing are insured all the way to Check Reconciliation (Bank Statement Balancing). You will balance to the penny each month when the bank statement comes in. Security and control are built into ActiveApplications Accounts Payable.

The above window displays the deposits recorded in AR payment entry and POS Payment entry.

While the next tab displays Payroll checks for reconciliation

And finally totals are displayed and minor adjustments can be made

Once complete a Check Reconciliation Summary is printed for matching to the bank statement.

ActiveApplications Accounts Payable generates automatically transactions for general ledger and manages the cash flow process. It has many other options, too, but most important is the ability to balance to your bank statement every month. Differences can be spotted easily. . Your Wholesale Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape Contractor and Garden Center companies will nave no uncertainty about their financial accuracy provided by ActiveApplications Software.