UDS Green Industry Software the Company

supports green industry companies using ActiveApplications (AA) software. AA was designed and written as industry specific set of accounting and business control applications for the green industry. In 1980 Windows was not a product. 40 Years from now Windows will probably not be a product but ActiveApplications will be.

ActiveApplications has been written for Windows since the 1990’s but that will not last. UDS Green Industry Software has already begun to transition ActiveApplications to windowless browser based applications. These applications will be run through your customers browser to access your data. You will be free from any predefined operating system. Look for posts on that topic on this site and provide your comments.

ActiveApplications it the trade marked product we sell it comes in three main product sets.

Product I AA – SQL: The original of ActiveApplications is the On Site ActiveAActiveApplications – SQLpplications. It is designed and written for Windows and Microsoft SQL database. As the information technology business continues to evolve ActiveApplications is changing with it. The first three versions of ActiveApplications no longer exist. AA – SQL came along much later.

Product II AA – Hosted: AA – SQL has evolved into ActiveApplications Hosted Version. It is mostly a delivery method difference between the products. AA – SQL has become easy to use and acquire through the AA Hosted Service version. Even as AA Hosted Services becomes the preferred version it is being replaced by ActiveApplications Net.

Product III AA – Net: ActiveApplications – Net is the Windowless browser version of ActiveApplications. Your phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop are used as tools to get your work done. That is ActiveApplications – Net. The Internet is used to capture your unique business data in AA -Net.

ActiveApplications is branded software designed and written for the Green industry. If your company is a Nursery, Landscape, Greenhouse, Garden Center, or Landscape Maintenance company we have integrated accounting applications for your company. We have hosted applications for your company. We have web (browser based) applications for your company.

We have attempted to make this site informative and complete. It will discuss the hardware and software events and releases of now and the future. It will not be exciting but it will be informative.