T & M Invoicing and Estimating Interface

The ActiveApplications estimating application if a productive and powerful tool to help you estimate even the most complex jobs. But what about when you have to create an invoice form the estimate? AA provides an easy to use Interface between Estimating and Job Costing Time and Materials Invoices. To transfer the information that is on an estimate to a Time and Materials invoice simply double click on the estimate while a Job Invoice is being addedbr /> Time and Materials Invoicing

The information on the estimate will be transferred to the Invoice and totaled. That makes a quick and easy way to complete the accounting process.
Time and Materials Estimating 

This invoice can be changed to match a work order too. The estimate provided is the beginning point but the invoice can be changed to match what really happened on the job.

ActiveApplications has many simple to use and powerful tools built in that mimic the business processes you use every day. Contact your sales representative for more examples.