State and Type Analysis

Information is the key to improving your productivity. Sales Analysis by location (state) and sale type could improve you business. Who bought the most of what item? This customer wants special terms how much has he bought in the past? How much money did I make on what I sold to him? Once an invoice is saved sales analysis can immediately be produced that answers these questions and much more. Select the sales analysis option and print the sales for the last quarter of 2000. Notice that any two dates can be used. Ship Date and Invoice Date are supported, too.

This report gives you a list of invoices by the bill to customer state and sale type. What dates are you most interested in? One line on this report represents one invoice sold in a state to a customer ship to address

Every sales analysis report can be limited to print just the information you want. See the Setting Limits page to find out how to further limit the information you see. Limits can be set on information that is available in the report.