Inquisitor Report Writing

Inquisitor is an integrated report writing program that gives you easy access to your data. With ActiveApplications Report Writing you can rapidly created robust reports that will empower your business.

Patterned after the Microsoft Query interface, Inquisitor allows you to create reports without hiring a programmer. Your options are unlimited! With powerful exporting capabilities like XML file create, Inquisitor can be an extremely powerful data export and exchange tool for you. Not only that, ActiveApplications has a library of already built reports you can download for use for free! Send your favorite report formats to activeapplications.com and our staff will publish the report to the site so others can use it. Join the community of ActiveApplications users and multiply your productivity. Take a look for yourself. Click this reference http://www.activeapplications.com/reports/library.aspx Use Inquisitor to get exactly the information you need on a report. This is just another way to get what you need to run your business. ActiveApplications Report Writer