Rapid Invoice Reversing

Like any good accounting system when an invoice is created it cannot be changed. There is a way to easily revere an invoice, however. This assures your company owners that all invoices are accounted for and you can still quickly back out a mistake. Select the invoice to be reversed and drag it to a new invoice.

Drop the invoice on the new invoice.

When prompted you will be asked if you wish to create a reversing invoice. Select yes if you are or select no if you want to add the lines to the new invoice

The lines on the invoice will be the same as in the original invoice but with negative quantities

Save this invoice and it appears in sales analysis as a negative invoice. When applied to a positive invoice in payment entry the two invoices will cancel each other out. Lines could also be added to this invoice to create a new invoice total.

Can your software reverse invoices this easily and still claim to have a solid audit trail?