ActiveApplications Payroll

ActiveApplications Payroll makes doing your payroll a breeze. ActivePayroll gives you many time saving features including printing checks, tracking hours, calculate withholdings and calculating overtime. Below are a few of many features ActivePayroll will do for you

Check printing
Check Reprinting
User Maintained Tax Tables
Automatic Deduction Calculations
Employer Deduction Expense Support
Magnetic Media Filing
FICA Medicare Support
Multiple Departments Support
Unlimited Employees
Employee Picture for Time Cards and Records
Automatic Tax Calculation
Eight Deductions per Person
Payroll interfaces into general ledger and job costing
State Tax Support
Local Tax Support
401K Deduction Support
General Ledger Interface
Job Costing Interface
Complete Payroll History
Quarterly Reports
Time Card Support
Automatic Transactions (Scheduled Hours)
W-2 Printing
Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Taxes
Payroll history
Year to date totals on check stub
Several Specialized State Reports are Available
Check Voiding Support
Unemployment Compensation Report

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