Portable Application Support

ActiveApplications is a world leader in accounting applications for networked computers. But what about those times when connection to the network is not possible or function needs to be extended to remote computers? For those situations UDS has created a class of programs called Portable Applications. Virtually any UDS application is transferable to another computer with tools now available. 

Another type of portable application is those that are run from portable computers or laptops.

UDS has the programs to replicate the inventory data onto the laptop and then merge changes back into the main system. We have pioneered this function for years. Other technology we have pioneered is that for the Pocket PC.

This technology further expands the reach of ActiveApplications to handheld devices. Inventory and customer information can be sent to the handheld and UDS handheld applications such as invoicing, inventory PO receipts and others can be run from there!
Now AA can run from the smallest handheld to the largest server!