Physical Inventory Support

Keeping track of inventory and making needed adjustments in a controlled and easy to use process is what makes ActiveApplications a required tool in your accounting applications. The first step is to get a good list to be checked.

The method discussed here deals with the manual method. With the tools available today you should be considering using a handheld computer to make this job easier and faster to execute. See the Pocket PC Inventory program for pictures of what this program looks like. The automated version of this routine makes the process much faster. First select the inventory to be checked. Various forms of this report are available. 

Have a reliable employee count the items on the selected report. Record the actual counts where they differ. Using the comparison method makes the recording much quicker.  
Naturally ledger and on line inventory quantities are updated automatically. Productivity is built into ActiveApplications. Contact your UDS representative for more information on this and other programs. 
UDS has many productivity enhancers like this program through out the system.