Item Recap Report (Turn Last Years Sales Into This Years Order)

Information is the key to improving your business. Sales Analysis Recap by item and bill to customer is key in adding that business. Which items were bought by which bill to customers? Here is what you bought last year for all of your stores, wouldn't you like to order 10% more than last year? Would you like an easier way to get orders? How about a list of the things you sold to each customer last year? Would that be helpful? Once an invoice is saved sales analysis can immediately be produced that answers these questions and much more.

This report gives you the item sales by the bill to customer for this time. What dates are you most interested in? One line on this report represents one items total sales. A single page can be printed for each customer too! You could be saying "If you order early you might get all of your order!". Let your customers create their own order!

Every sales analysis report can be limited to print just the information you want. See the Setting Limits page to find out how to further limit the information you see. Limits can be set on information that is available in the report.