House Charge Support

You have a customer set that is used to a certain level of service. One of the important parts of your business is to be able to let your customers charge to their in house account. No problem ActiveApplications POS!

Whether you have a multi store environment or a single location, you can control and accept house charges at the Point of Sale

AA POS gives you, the more enterprising company the ability to have frequent buyer ID's that they use in conjunction with a house charge. You can even print customer ID Cards for maximum security and identification. This is part of your accounting software! If you have the correct security codes you can create and/or charge to a customer at your register

Select a tender type during the recording process to automatically put the charge on the customers account. All charges to the same customer will automatically be posted to the account when posted.

You even have control of the receipt messages and format. 

When posting the tender types are clearly shown and tabulated.

Complete tracking and reporting are insured because you can trace the information through the process.

House charges let you sell more materials. Capturing information at point of sale gives your company information about what is selling quickly. It gives you the time to move inventory or cancel purchase orders before you are overstocked. If an item is hot maybe you can still get more of it when the season is still on. Flexibility and power is what you gain from the information ActiveApplications provides. Designing into AA POS reliability you get both.