High Reliability Design

Reliability is a main stay for any Point of Sale System. With ActiveApplications Point of Sale you get unparalleled reliability and a whole lot more! AA Point of Sale systems are designed to run even if the world around them is crumbling. Server down? No problem. Internet down? No problem. AA Point of Sale will work on its own. When things come back then it can transmit transacations back to the server.

At the same time you can save hardware costs by being able to share devices on the network for sign and tag production or an Internet connection or phone for credit card verification. You get the advantage of both worlds. Store your applications locally and transmit them to your server when you know things are working right.

Capturing information at point of sale gives your company information about what is selling quickly. It gives you the time to move inventory or cancel purchase orders before you are overstocked. If an item is hot maybe you can still get more of it when the season is still on. Flexibility and power is what you gain from the information ActiveApplications provides. Designing into AA POS reliability you get both.