ActiveApplications Greenhouse Package

Nobody supports your Greenhouse business like ActiveApplications and our Greenhouse Management Package. As a greenhouse owner or manager you have many unique issues in controlling your business. Only ActiveApplications has software specifically designed for you! From Inventory Management and Shipping to Chemical Application tracking and Point of Sale, ActiveApplications has what your business needs!

In addition to battling insects, fungus and energy prices, a good Greenhouse Manager must be able to get the job done with a minimum of low priced, under-skilled labor to name a few. In today's instant gratification attitude your customers do not understand why something may not be available or you have been growing it and investing money on it for weeks and your customer wants it tomorrow. ActiveApplications is designed for with you in mind. A good company says: "I will have some in ___ days" or "This ___ variety is available.". ActiveApplications gives you the tools to work with to make your customers keep coming back.