Estimating to Costing Interface

ActiveApplications Job Costing application tracks and reports the actual costs of a job and allows the comparison to estimated costs for some job types. Costing helps you asses and refine the estimating process with this reporting.

Costing also reports to ledger those costs and manages the distribution of the expenses and income into appropriate accounts. Costing is heavily dependant upon the inventory application to make the comparison of estimated to actual cost possible. The convenient interface with estimating allows the quick transfer of estimate information to costing. Start the process by selecting the creation of a new job
Estimating to Costing

Add a customer to the job for the assignment of invoices created in costing to a customer. To transfer the information to the job record is simple...just double click!
Estimating to Costing

Notice that the information has been transferred. Estimated quantities have been updated as well as the total billable. This method works great for the fixed price type job. There is also a method where the estimate items can be added to a time and materials job. This can make that process easy to complete. See T & M Invoicing and Estimating Interface for more information.