Department and Sub-Class Accounting

Each ledger account can be assigned Departments and each department can have Sub-Classes. This means that reporting is not limited to ledger account numbers. The flexibility of ActiveApplications reporting can instantly tell you how a department or a sub classification of expenses is doing relative to last year or budget instantly. Getting questions answered about your operations can make the difference between responding to a situation and finding out too late to do anything about it.

A Department is the first division of a ledger account. Not all accounts need departments. Here are the departments available in the sample chart of accounts:

Sub-Classes can be defined in the same way:

Spreading expenses of the accounts is easy, too. It can be done automatically for expenses that are divided by a predetermined formula, too.

Reporting is easy!. Simply select the departments and sub-classes to see then print the report. the computer sorts the details to give you the information you need like in this income statement.

The flexible combination of accounts, departments and sub-classes sets ActiveAccounting apart for our overly structured and inflexible competitors. Ask your AA sales representative how you can get what you need.