Customizable Interface Options

Active Point Of Sale offers many options in setting up your system. Your needs as a company will be met with your choice of a POS system. Do you need to track Salesmen Codes? How do you want to print invoices? Do you have a Display Pole? What tender types do you have? How do I record a Gift Certificate? How many description lines on the receipt do you want? Do you need a security code to delete a sale? The control file lets you set these and many other options.

What about printing options? Would you like a message on the cash receipt? How many copies do I print? Here is another tab on the control file.

Do you want the cashier to enter names and addresses? Here is where you set the customer defaults.

Do you have on line credit verification? Set it up in the control file.

Look in the control files to make your version of AA POS look like what you need.