Item Components Definition

Inventory Components are inventory items that are used in conjunction with a parent item to make up an item that is to be delivered to the customer. Several component items can be assigned to one parent item. This set of items assigned to another item is called a component set or simply Component. Each of these item has its cost and price and is tracked as an item in inventory. Components are used in two ways. The first way is that they are combined with and the cost and price of each component is added to the parent cost and price before it is sold to the customer. This is called an estimating component or simply a Component. This is and example of one such component that has been applied to the landscape business.
This is the detail.

This cost and price of each item in this component set is added to the cost and price of the items that have that component assigned to it. There is a limit of fifteen components that can be used by estimating to generate a customer price. 
Another type of component is a plan component. This type of component is removed from inventory as the item is assembled. Or the cost and price of each component is already considered to be in the item that is carried in inventory. This is an example.

The Plan Components have no limit on the number of lines in each component. This component is assumed to be already added to the finished item.