Clear, Good Looking Order Acknolowledgments

When you present an acknowledgment of a customer's order does it look good? Is the information clear? Can you add comments and take into account your discounting structure? ActiveApplications lets you be happy in presenting your order confirmation.
ActiveApplications also lets you use laser printers, fax, email or any type printing function. Using plain white copy paper and printing the information in color as in the above example can save your company many dollars in form production costs.
We work exclusively with the green industry to produce Landscape Software, Greenhouse Software, Nursery Software, Garden Center Software and Point of Sale Software. We are a programming company that produces fully integrated accounting applications for Landscape Accounting Software, Greenhouse Accounting Software, Nursery Accounting Software, Nursery Accounting Software, Garden Center Accounting Software and POS Software. If your company is a grower, retailer and/or landscaper we have fully integrated accounting applications for you. If you are in the Green Industry or are an affiliated member of the Green industry and you are considering new accounting software, you must review our Green Industry Software.