Cart Return Check In

ActiveApplications Shipping tracks shipping carts from the time they are loaded on the dock all the way through when they are received back to your business. With the power of ActiveApplications Shipping, knowing which customers can be charged for cart rental will make your business more money. Getting the right carts on the right trailer increases your fulfillment rate while getting your carts back saves you big time.

Once loads are built they can be assigned to Carts or Containers for shipping. Carts can be assigned orders and ship loads. This allows the checking in of carts when received. Do you want to know where your very expensive carts are? Do you want to know which customers have what carts?

Once a shipping load is defined, ActiveApplications assigns carts to the items ordered on the load. The assignment of racks to a line item allows you to determine which shipping containers (carts) are to go with this load.

Start Here!

Select cart number and load to receive.

Click the Add to List button

Select a line to assign a location

Or use the Flic or Tablet import capability built into ActiveApplications. Scan the SH01 on the load list. Scan the load number. Then scan the Racks as they roll off the returning truck. To import the information click the Get Import button. 

Select one of the displayed loads. 

Controlling your costs means your company makes more money. Knowing where you cart inventory actually is saves you money!