Cart Assignment Functionality

ActiveApplications tracks the shipping carts from the time they are on the dock loaded for shipping through when they are received back into the nursery. Controlling this part of the order fulfillment process will make your business money and save your business money. Getting the right carts on the right trailer will increase your order fulfillment rate. Getting your carts back will save you money. Knowing which customers can be charged for cart rental will make your company money

Once a shipping load is built, ActiveApplications provides a tool to assign carts to the items ordered on the load

Select the Load Order Pull Confirmation option from the menu

Select the Load number to display.

Select an order to confirm

Select a line to assign a location

Select a location from the inventory available locations to assign to this line.

As the lines are assigned they change colors for easy identification of processed line. Select a shipping container to assign. 

Assign all lines on all order to shipping container (carts) then Record the order. The order will be updated with the cart information. 

The Container number and quantity is stored with the order or invoice until the cart is returned. There is even a load list report to send with your driver so the right cart gets with the right order.

This load list will let you a document with your driver that identifies the load number and cart numbers assigned to the load. The bar codes printed on the form are used to quickly check carts back into inventory when the truck returns. See the cart return page for more information.