Shipping Load Building

ActiveApplications Order Entry calculates your Order Weight and Order Volume as items are added to the order. ActiveApplications will compute the number of orders that will fit onto a trailers capacity. Shipping Load Build lets you assign orders to a load. A load could be a days shipment or it could represent trailers of various capacities. It could even be a common carrier!

Assign a trailer for this load
Now assign the orders to this load by clicking on an order. ActiveApplications will add up the volume and weight of the orders assigned and let you add more.
The order that you click on them will be the order the pick list will print in. Clicking in the right order can tell the loaders to fill the trailer in a certain order (drop sequence)

Once the trailer is full a capacity message is displayed. Because the actual number ship weight and volume can vary slightly you may or may not want to add this order to the load. 

Once assigned to the load many things can be done with the information. Pick lists by the trailer load is just one of them. ActiveApplications Shipping has many features you will find makes shipping your orders a breeze!