Bill To and Item Analysis

Information is the key to improving your productivity. Sales Analysis by the bill to customer and item can give you the key to unlocking that business. Who bought the most of what item? This customer wants a special deal on this item, how much of it has he bought in the past? How much money did I make off each item I shipped? Once an invoice is saved sales analysis can immediately be produced that answers these questions and much more. Select the sales analysis option and print the sales for the last quarter of the year. Notice that any two dates can be used. Ship Date and Invoice Date are supported, too.

This report gives you the item sales by the bill to customer for this time. What dates are you most interested in? One line on this report represents one items total sales

Every sales analysis report can be limited to print just the information you want. See the Setting Limits page to find out how to further limit the information you see. Limits can be set on information that is available in the report.

UDS follows several guidelines when designing reports. The amount of information that must be displayed determines the size of the report. If the necessary information can be displayed in portrait on your paper size it will. A smaller font size will be used until the type would be unreadable if made smaller. If the necessary information is too wide to fit portrait the computer will switch to landscape mode. If the required information is still too wide legal paper (8 by 14 inches) will automatically be selected in the printer. Your printer and print driver will determine how the commands are handled by your system. UDS makes it easy for you to get the information you must have.

The report samples displayed in these examples are captured directly from the report program that generates the report. Built into every UDS report is the ability to view it on the screen or place the report directly into Word or Excel format if those applications are available on your computer. Export it into one of several other file formats is available, too.

Easy integration into Microsoft Office is a priority with UDS programming staff. You will be more productive when using Active Applications because of the Office integration features