Batch Number References

ActiveApplications creates and holds general ledger transactions as part of normal every day preparation of invoicing, payroll, payroll, job costing and many other applications. Those transactions are held until they are posted as a group to your ledger application. Automatically a sequential batch number is assigned. It is part of the transaction history reports. The summary form has a batch number

The detailed format has a batch number too

The checks and balances built into the systems mean that any account can be completely verified and cross checked. In the event of a mechanical failure we can help you pinpoint the exact location and determine the extent of the failure, too. Each section of the ledger can be checked against other sections. The detail must match to the summary information or we tell you about it.

This gives you and our support department capabilities you can only appreciate when a disaster affects your computer system. The batch journaling system lets you know your system is reporting verifiable numbers.