Bar Code Support

Most people think of bar code support as the UPC-A method of barcoding. UDS in fact support many different methods with UPC-A being the one that is set as the default standard. Check digits will be automatically inserted where needed.

TAGmaker allows you to select a bar code type. 

Virtually any field in your database can be barcoded with other barcode methods and printed through the TAGmaker application. 

UDS follows several guidelines when designing reports. The amount of information that must be displayed determines the size of the report. If the necessary information can be displayed in portrait on your paper size it will. A smaller font size will be used until the type would be unreadable if made smaller. If the necessary information is too wide to fit portrait the computer will switch to landscape mode. If the required information is still too wide legal paper (8 by 14 inches) will automatically be selected in the printer. Your printer and print driver will determine how the commands are handled by your system. UDS makes it easy for you to get the information you must have.