Balance Sheet Formatting

Being able to create a version of an Balance Sheet that is exactly what you need in the order you need is a unique and powerful feature of ActiveApplications. It begins with the Balance Sheet

Click on Format to see the form that the program will use to make up the balance sheet.

The information on the format file displayed above is translated into a balance sheet when it is printed.

Because ActiveApplications provides you with this powerful tool you have the power to see the information the way you need

Changing the format is as easy as Clicking

Once you have combined or rearrange or deleted the format lines as needed the balance sheet is printed the way you want

Accounts do not have to be printed "in order or even grouped together. This means you can continue to change your chart of accounts for many many years. This means you spend less time arguing with the computer about how you want to see information and more time looking at what you need.