Automatic Labor Totals

Automatic Labor Totals

These are a few examples of the reports available to your company. There are many variations on these and other reports too numerous to display each of them here. 

The interface with inventory is critical to the easy management of these functions. Performing an Inventory Issue to a job is very simple. When that job is invoiced the actual quantities in the job are updated. Because the type of item is known to ActiveApplications the costs are automatically accumulated to the job as inventory issues are made. Labor time and costs are added to the labor actual totals automatically. These transactions could come from payroll directly or they could be issued like other inventory items.

The ease with which this occurs makes the job of your personnel simple. ActiveApplications provides simple methods to get complex business processes accomplished. 

The report samples displayed in these examples are captured directly from the report program that generates the report. Built into every UDS report is the ability to view it on the screen or place the report directly into Word or Excel format if those applications are available on your computer. Export it into one of several other file formats is available, too. 

Easy integration into Microsoft Office is a priority with UDS programming staff. You will be more productive when using Active Applications because of the Office integration features. 

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