Accurate Trailer Loading

ActiveApplications Shipping uses the Order Weight and Order Volume of each item on the order. Shipping theory says that if you know item weight and volume then you can calculate the number of items that will fit on a trailer. On the Order below I know immediately what volume and weight the order will consume.

ActiveApplications makes it easy because as items are added to the order it will calculate the order volume and weight. This becomes useful when orders are combined to make trailer loads. AA incorporates a load build App to help you define loads

When the load is built ActiveApplications will tell you when you are going to exceed the capacity of the trailer. Examples like this are how ActiveApplications helps you control your business. Now anyone can schedule loads that will fit on a truck. No longer will you have half full trucks or have to get an emergency shipment to someone because the truck was overloaded. How many dollars could that save you in a year?